Who I Am: Negele Hospedales

My name is Negele Hospedales, but better known as @hospey to all of my internet friends. To put it simply, I am a 22-year-old recent university graduate from Victoria, Canada (currently living in Sydney, Australia) that loves to CREATE. As long as I can remember, I have been making things and sharing them, no matter how many or few eyes were drawn. During the 3rd year of my degree I launched RLGTcanada.com, and after graduation my personal brand hospeyhowto.com.

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All of my skills are self-taught, including writing, video production, brand building, design, and visual art amongst other things. I have a passion for music, and things that have the ability to make people feel a certain way – this is what I try to achieve through my writing. I truly believe that there is so much more than just our basic needs that make us human; The feeling you get when you look at a mural, or hear a song, or read a poem is something so simple, yet so important.

I have been a Chance the Rapper fan (/stan) since 2013, a little after the release of Acid Rap. I still remember getting my first RT on the day that “Everybody’s Something” dropped. Since then I’ve seen Mr. the Rapper himself, & the SoX, 4 times in 3 different cities, and listened to every single verse.  I’ve met the entire band (minus Chance), and got to toss my Cubs Jersey to Peter at their last show in Vancouver. The art Chance the Rapper makes means everything to me.

But, besides that, I’m just a regular internet kid like the rest of y’all. I’ve got aspirations to make something out of this creative sh*t, and interning for Chance the Rapper is the next goal I intend to achieve and pursue!

two words, one love,


follow my adventures on the gram @hxspey, or on twitter @hospey – email: negele19@live.com