Hospey Presents: The Cover Letter Tour


Hospey Presents: The Cover Letter Tour

w/ guest headliner Chance the Rapper


December, 2012: Victoria, BC

 Launch first partnered YouTube channel at age 17 (462,304 views)

September, 2012: Calgary, AB

Begin a degree in Marketing at the University of Calgary

February, 2013: Calgary, AB

 Launch 3 more successful Youtube channels (music, sports, & personal)

October, 2013: Calgary, AB

Begin experimenting with visual art as a creative outlet

May, 2014: The Gorge, WA

 See Chance the Rapper for the first time in concert @ Sasquatch festival (2nd row)

February, 2015: Calgary. AB

 Launch RLGTcanada.com as an independent Canadian urban culture platform

August, 2015: Squamish, BC

See Chance the Rapper @ Squamish festival – meet the Social Experiment

September, 2015: Calgary, AB

 RLGT launches sell-out “403 vs. Everybody” clothing line

October, 2015: Seattle, WA

See Chance the Rapper for the 3rd time in Seattle, thanks to Colleen

January, 2016: Whistler, BC

 RLGTcanada.com hits 100,000 pageviews

May, 2016: Twitter, Internetopolis 

Alongside the Chano fam, help launch petition to get Chance to the Grammy’s

September, 2016: Calgary, AB

Redleafgoldteeth final sell-out clothing line, “#TIMELESS”

October, 2016: Vancouver, BC

Hospey travels 15 hours to see Chance for the 4th time, before an exam

December, 2016: Calgary, AB

 University graduation (Bachelor of Communication Studies)

January, 2017: Victoria, BC

Hospeyhowto.com is launched to develop personal brand

February, 2017: Sydney, Australia

 Temporary relocation to Sydney, Australia for a change of creative scenery

DATE TBA: Hospey becomes Chance the Rapper’s intern??

Negele Hospedales

March 27th, 2017

To whom it may concern/ Chance, Pat, Colleen, and co.:

Please accept the following letter, portfolio, and website as my application for the position of intern for Chance the Rapper. I am a recent university graduate from the University of Calgary, in Calgary, Canada, having completed a Bachelor of Communication Studies as a 2nd-year transfer from Marketing in the Haskayne School of Business. With specialization in social media & marketing-communications, I have excellent verbal & written skills, demonstrated through vast experience in both physical & digital environments. As an entrepreneur, I have launched 2 successful lifestyle brands in the college-age demographic, with focuses on music, urban culture, and general youth-lifestyle. Personal interests include music, fashion, and content creation.

As a long time follower, participant, and documentarian of the Chance the Rapper brand (and related acts), I believe that my skill set, knowledge, and experience make me an extremely strong candidate for the position.

My diverse academic background has allowed me to refine my tools from an analytical & problem-solving standpoint, although my personal ventures have shaped my creative achievements. Each of my skills, including writing, publishing, design, video production, and visual art have all been self-taught and developed through trial & error. What better tool for a creative than some free time and the internet?

At 17, I began university and launched my first partnered YouTube channel in the same year. At age 20, I switched degree streams to something that would allow me to strive creatively, and founded my website Redleafgoldteeth (a play on words, meant to represent Canadian urban culture) for fun. By 21 my website had over 100,000 hits in its first year, and my venture expanded from a solo mission to a team of 7 multi-talented creatives. We launched clothing lines, hosted world premieres, dropped exclusive interviews with artists, and have accomplished over 200,000 pageviews to date. Most importantly, following the teachings of my favourite artist, we made this all possible while staying completely independent; No advertisements, no paid song releases or commissioned posts. Everything self-funded through clothing sales or student loans, because to us the impact that we could have on the culture was more important than anything else.

I graduated in December at 21 years old with a sub-par GPA and goals that no piece of paper would help me achieve. Now 22, I have launched my latest venture – an attempt to further my online identity, hospeyhowto.com – and temporarily relocated to Sydney, Australia for a change of creative scenery.

Attached in my next post is my full creative portfolio, but in brief, my skills span from writing and design, to video production and marketing. I believe my strongest tool is my prose. Writing has become my main focus as I have now published over 400 articles online. I look for the opportunity to foster new skills at all times, recently teaching myself a new application within the Adobe creative suite. I am well versed in WordPress and other publishing software, Microsoft office, and many of the Adobe CC applications including Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects.

I have a strong presence online, with admirable followings on many social networks including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, 8tracks, & Facebook. Twitter (@hospey) being my weapon of choice, I have used my knowledge of social media marketing & engagement to make the most of each follower and connection. For example, I currently sit at 541 followers on Twitter with a documented 400,000 impressions in the month of February. Maximization of impressions is one of my greatest talents.

In relation to the Chance the Rapper brand, as noted I am well versed. I have been to 4 concerts in 3 different cities and 2 different countries (an anticipated 3rd country in Sweden this summer). I sang along with “Wonderful Everyday” the first time it was ever performed. I submitted multiple university papers that studied Chance the Rapper in multiple facets including celebrification and rhetoric. As a part of the Chano Family on Twitter (the group chat that was responsible for starting the Grammy petition), I have been able to learn about many new quirks and facts through the stories & interactions of fans from around the world. I have converted countless friends into fans. I got my first Chance the Rapper retweet on the day the “Everybody’s Something” music video released in 2013. I traveled 15 hours for the opportunity to meet Chance the Rapper at a dodgeball game in Vancouver. Hell, I even accidentally leaked a Chance the Rapper song one time on my YouTube channel (my bad…). I learned how to be a strong, proud black man from Chance the Rapper. (Oh ya, I also once spent 5 hours making a website because Chance the Rapper tweeted out that he needs an intern).

If there is anyone outside of Chicago that understands what Chance the Rapper represents, and is capable of lending an effort to continue to movement, it is me. I know when to take the reigns, but also how to function in a team environment. I have the skills, experience, knowledge, and drive to contribute to the team, and I look forward to discussing the opportunity further.


Negele Hospedales


follow my adventures on the gram @hxspey, or on twitter @hospey

Portfolio: I’ve Got No Genre

When it comes to my trade, I have no genre. My greatest strengths lie in both my written and verbal skills, but I have additional skills in brand building, design, website creation & management, video production, and visual art. I am well versed in many creation programs including the Adobe Creative Suite (including Illustrator, After Effects, & InDesign), Microsoft Office, and of course WordPress (I built this entire website, logos, content and all, in about 4 hours), amongst others.


I have been inspired by the work ethic, talent, and focus of the great creatives in my generation including A$AP Yams, Ronnie Fieg, Casey Neistat, Saul Williams, and of course, Chance the Rapper.  In 2015, a few weeks after the passing of Yams, I decided that coasting along in University feeling uninspired wasn’t the best use of my time. I stuck with it, but decided to launch my own platform for creation called REDLEAFGOLDTEETH (RLGT) – focused on Canadian urban culture, hence the name. I wrote about whatever I was into at the time, and made whatever I wanted. A friend joined me, and before I knew it my side-project became my brand. At just 20 years old my company RLGT had started to show growth that I could have never imagined. I used my heightened insights of the music industry and my social marketing abilities to grown the brand; we did 100,000 page views in our first 11 months. To date, we’ve had over 200,000 page views, released 4 sell-out clothing lines, world-premiered songs, interviewed countless artists, and provided a platform for young creatives to share.

Similar to the ideologies of Chance the Rapper, my venture has stayed 100% independent. We have never hosted a paid advertisement, or taken money from any creatives. All of our clothing lines were fronted by out founders and used to raise funds for our projects – we commissioned Canadian artists to make the designs for us, used local models & photographers for our shoots, and peddled every single t-shirt and hat by hand.

Since then, I have graduated with a Bachelor in Communication Studies from the University of Calgary this past December, began my travels (I am currently living in Sydney, Australia for a change of scenery), and started my new personal blog, hospeyhowto.com. As a young, black Canadian creative traveling the world and taking in new experiences every day, I look for the wildest opportunities and chase them (like that one time I traveled 15 hours by bus to see Chance the Rapper, last minute, before an exam), and then use my storytelling abilities to share and connect with my audience. The chance to intern for my favourite artist would be another one of those wild opportunities that I intend to chase.

Below is a short form version of my creative portfolio, showcasing just a little bit of my experience. (BTW, this is my real portfolio that I submit to firms… I just happen to reference Chance a lot in my writing).NHospedalesPortfolio


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